Are you ready to step outside the box, or remove it altogether? Are you ready to re-evaluate your usual ways of doing business in search of better ways? Are you prepared to become innovative in your approach, whether in attracting new customers, attracting top talent or using the best combination of hardware and software solutions for your business? Then you have come to the right place!

Our Specialities

Hardware and Software

We are registered Distributors and Resellers of Various Software and Hardware Packages.


We Specialise in the Banking , Finance and ICT industries.


We provide training for all ICT related courses.


Effective training assists your company with ensuring shared ideals & values among employees. It helps you with “HOW” to get to your goals. If training provisions are unclear, this can lead to devastating consequences, like people failing you at the most critical moment. Training is therefore an essential element in getting people to pull together. Effective training leads to a common perspective and common understanding, both of which are essential for clear communication and promote group comfort and stability.


To establish a great organisation, first it’s imperative that it be built around the company’s core ideologies i.e. WHY it exists and WHAT it stands for – both of which every member should share with passion and sincerity. We help you with fitting into your Organisation, the right people who fit it into each part to bring about optimum structure & performance. We assist you with sourcing talent that fits not only the role requirements, but culture, vision & mission as well. Get in touch with us today for more info!!


We are able to assist you in merging people (skills + training) and technology (effective communication tools) to optimise your business operations. We have industry experts with many years experience who can use communication tools and strategies through digital media to effectively communicate with your internal (employees) and external (clients) stakeholders in ensuring maximum engagement. Get in touch with us today for more info!!!

Our Partners