About us

Who we are?

Vheneko means “a state of illumination/clarity”. We are a 100% black-owned, Level 2 B-BBEE Company with 125% Procurement recognition. Our team is comprised of a young, energetic and enthusiastic team of professionals with a flair for detail and passion for success.
Our mandate is to partner with our clients as we undertake to understand their needs and goals and assist them by providing lucrative business solutions. We aim to become a trusted advisor through always putting our clients first and providing tailor-made solutions for individual business needs.


To be a market leader in providing lucrative business solutions that merge people and technology and are aligned with our clients’ needs and goals.


To positively disrupt the business world by using cutting edge technology and innovative methods to assist organisations to be well equipped with relevant resources (technical + human) and effective training interventions to help them reach their fullest industry potential.

Why we do it?

We want to effectively and efficiently use our networks, expertise and business savvy intuition to assist businesses to propel forward in their quest to achieve industry acclaim and live their corporate purpose both nationally and globally – and we aim to be the very best at it. We bridge the gap between employers and job seekers (both active and passive) to help alleviate unemployment and to equip Companies with the right talent in line with their strategy, culture and goals.


We aim to always act with integrity when dealing with any of our stakeholders (both internal and external) as this is pivotal to the success of not only ours, but our clients’ businesses as well.


Excellence is embedded within our Organisational DNA with a promise to always be and do the best we possibly can and to provide excellent service to any and all we deal with in order to ensure long-term solutions to everyday and unique business problems.


It is our undertaking to always comply with industry best practices and ethics in dealing with everyone at all levels in ensuring high levels of fairness to all.


It is mission-critical for us be to constantly and consistently innovating and bringing new methods of solving our clients’ new and old problems.

The Vheneko difference, what sets us apart?

You present us with a problem and we will find you a solution. We are problem–solvers and we thrive on overcoming challenges through our unique skill set and service offering. We are attentive, reliable and we provide you with excellent service regardless of the scope or size of your business! Our genuine interests in various markets gives us up-to-date information and market intelligence that will take your Organisation to new heights while ensuring long term sustainability both locally and globally. By focusing on our clients’ core business needs and understanding their desired goals, we aim to be an extension of our clients and thus ensure positive results.

With both local and regional relationships, Vheneko Business Solutions has the flexibility and scalability to meet various organisations’ specific needs, as we know how to identify and integrate people, technology and processes that ensure successful and sustainable results.

Our consultative approach ensures positive results through advice and support shared throughout any project(s) process. We are the ultimate business partner!!