StudySmart Education Programme.

StudySmart Education Skills Training For Grades 4 – 12

StudySmart is a franchise-model organisation which is owned by Vheneko Holdings (Pty) Ltd through a StudySmart hub, through which we are driving positive change across all sectors through CSI in education in order to give access to the programme to underprivileged children and also directly to other sectors who are in a better position to access the course / programme directly.

Our mandate through StudySmart is to address the South African education problem at grassroots level. As we are all aware that a lot of our children who are learners in the current system have real problems of basic comprehension and effective retention of information learned at school, which are compounded by numerous factors which range from lack of a proper learning foundation, to general Teacher dissatisfaction and/or being highly overwhelmed, to lack of parental involvement, among other things. It is out of this need to ensure that our future generations are well equipped with the right mental tools, that StudySmart was borne.

StudySmart addresses various learning issues and how to utilize effective study skills by actively unlocking learners' mental potential at various levels of their schooling and also by implementing this intervention as early as possible, being at primary school level. We also know and understand the critical importance of parental involvement and thus address this in the programme as well.

Get in touch with us for more information or click here to get more details about the programme, its history and structure. We are committed to ensuring that the future of South Africa is in capable hands!!